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Smakebit på søndagDet er allerede mars. Tenk på det. Det er snart vår! Men først, en smakebit hos Flukten fra virkeligheten.

Jeg holder på å lage innlegg om noen tegneserier jeg har lest i det siste. Det første er ferdig, og skanningene av alle sammen er gjort. En to, tre sider fra hver tegneserie. Så er det bare å prøve å finne noe fornuftig å si om dem. Tegneseriene er blant mine favoritter, det vil si serier jeg har lest flere ganger, og jeg håper å friste andre til å lese tegneserier. Innleggene skal komme utover mars, tenkte jeg.

Så i dag vil jeg konsentrere meg om den boken jeg tross alt leser oppi all skrivingen. Den heter A novel bookstore og er skrevet av Laurence Cosse. Smakebiten er fra begynnelsen av kapittel fire:

A novel bookstoreAfter lunch, on Wednesday, November 9, a zombie was seen emerging from the forest, at the end of the village, then he dragged himself to L’Alpette. The use of the passive voice here, «was seen», should not be seen as referring to a collective, which very frequently replaces the collective «we», (as in «five hundred were known to have departed»), but in a personal sense, less usual and more elegant («the rascal was struck with a cane and his crown was readjusted»). The personage behind the passive voice was, to be exact, a single individual, a young woman, who at that moment was very weary – but infinitely less weary than the zombie – the young Madimoselle Benarbi.

Fra forlaget:

Ivan, a one-time world traveler, and Francesca, a ravishing Italian heiress, are the owners of a bookstore that is anything but ordinary. Rebelling against the business of bestsellers and in search of an ideal place where their literary dreams can come true, Ivan and Francesca open a store where the passion for literature is given free reign. Tucked away in a corner of Paris, the store offers its clientele a selection of literary masterpieces chosen by a top-secret committee of likeminded literary connoisseurs. To their amazement, after only a few months, the little dream store proves a success. And that is precisely when their troubles begin. At first, both owners shrug off the anonymous threats that come their way and the venomous comments concerning their store circulating on the Internet, but when three members of the supposedly secret committee are attacked, they decide to call the police. One by one, the pieces of this puzzle fall ominously into place, as it becomes increasingly evident that Ivan and Francesca’s dreams will be answered with pettiness, envy and violence