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En ny søndag og en ny smakebit fra boken jeg leser. Dette er et boktema hos bloggen Flukten fra virkeligheten. Et boktema hvor du kan finne smakebiter fra en hel rekke flotte bøker.

I dag er smakebiten min fra tegneserien jeg leser for tiden; House of Mystery. Den består av 8 hefter og jeg leser den for andre gang. I nr 2; Love stories for dead people står det to steder noe jeg noterte ned allerede første gangen jeg leste dem fordi jeg syntes det som stod der var så fantastisk;

Lovecraft said that the oldest and strongest type of fear is fear of the unknown. And he was an authority on such matters. But that’s not exactly it, is it? We like the unknown. We’re hunky dory with the unknown. We are in fact perfectly thrilled with the unknown as long as it remains unknown and we never have to think about it. What we’re really afraid of is that the unknown will stand up and demand to be recognized. That it won’t get out of the way quickly enough and we’ll step in it, all squishy and moist. We’re terrified at night in the dark that the rough, slouching unknown will crawl into bed and give us a hot wet kiss on the neck. We’re not afraid of the unknown. We’re afraid of the unknown becoming known.

Og nr 2;

Here’s the truth: Home isn’t a place. It’s not a person. And again, it’s not where the heart is, unless perhaps you are a serial killer who keeps trophies.