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A GLIMPSE, through an interstice caught,
Of a crowd of workmen and drivers in a bar-room, around the stove,
late of a winter night–And I unremark’d seated in a corner;
Of a youth who loves me, and whom I love, silently approaching, and
seating himself near, that he may hold me by the hand;
A long while, amid the noises of coming and going–of drinking and
oath and smutty jest,
There we two, content, happy in being together, speaking little,
perhaps not a word.

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman1819-1892

Walt Whitman var en amerikansk dikter. Whitman skrev på fri verseform, og hans skrivestil er preget av et stort språklig overskudd og en voldsom hengivenhet til både naturen og mennesket. (fra Wikipedia)