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Lovely things begin with the sunshine.
Her rays illuminate faces
So that smiles can be seen.
And her love so bountiful
She shares with the world.

Next on the list is friendship.
Her bonds hold giants safely
Over ledges. Her eyes magnify
To infinity the good,
And make minuscule the bad.

Runner up is the gentle tear.
Her screams chase fears,
And streams wash away sorrow
For all. When joy bursts boundaries,
She bubbles and blossoms.

Next in line is patience.
Her grace eliminates wars
Her foundation is love.
Her nature builds friendships.
She removes evil from the tongue.

Finally, and on par with the first is time.
She makes way for patience to ripen
And allows friendship to crystallize
Into excellence. She replaces sorrow
With hope of a better tomorrow.

Yet these are useless without people.
With arms to lay in the sunshine,
And bodies that keep the heart of friends
With whom you can share your tears,
Even if it is with time to grow patience…

~ Leslie Alexis