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In this moment, on this day, there is no reason for bitterness, sadness, regret or anger. For everything that has gone before has brought you to the beautiful and valuable place where you are right now.

In the sparkling reality of today, love and gratitude are no longer mere words or concepts. They are infused throughout your being.

Every breath you take is filled with positive possibility. All around you are choices and options upon which you can begin your journey to the most profound fulfillment you can imagine.

Yes, there is drama, there are problems and many difficult challenges.

Yet your awareness has risen above them all, and from this higher perspective you can find your way through.

Open yourself to the abundance that is already yours. Live so as to transform that abundance into tangible value that fulfills and expresses your unique purpose.

Celebrate the sparkling reality of this wondrous day. Live the richness that is yours right now.