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En smakebit på søndag

Ladybug på bloggen Flukten fra virkeligheten har hver søndag en utfordring kalt «En smakebit på søndag» som jeg vil være med på. I denne utfordringen skal en åpne boken en leser og finne ett par setninger en kan dele uten å røpe for mye av handlingen. Videre legger en igjen en link til bloggen sin i inLinkz på Ladybugs blogg.

Shaman's crossingJeg leser nå Shaman’s crossing, som er den første boken i The Soldier son trilogien av Robin Hobb.

He stepped off the cliff’s edge. In shock, I watched him fall, the flames of his torch streaming in the wind of his descent. Abruptly, he vanished. I saw the glow from the torch, but could not see the flame itself. Then even that faded to only a vague nimbus of light. Dewara was gone.

I stood alone on the cliff’s edge. Night was black around me. The wind pushed at me gently but insistently, bringing the sweet scent and heat of the roaring bonfire. It urged me toward the edge of the cliff. What I did I cannot explain, save by saying that Dewara had led me slowly into his world and his way of thinking and his beliefs. What would have been insane and unthinkable a month earlier now seemed my only possible path. Better to fall to my death than be seen as a coward. I stepped of the cliff’s edge.